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Poca de Gracia* AKA Bucket Bag

Each tote is one-of-a-kind with slight variations in each, you buy this one and it's uniquely yours.

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$50.00 USD

Our original tote, inspired by the classic, Mexican mesh bags. The Mexican inspiration bags are the cutest, but with regular use they don’t last long. This is an industrial version that will spare the landfill some space. It's a delightfully simple design with handle straps and mesh, that's it. 

*from La Bamaba - “to dance the la bamaba it takes a little grace”

 Details: 15" h  x 19" w  x 8" d

The water and UV-resistant mesh fabric makes it easy to wash and fade resistant.

Note: All of our bags are handmade from start to finish by us, Susie and Katie, so each bag is inherently unique and one of a kind.